Product Suite

Product Suite

The OpenCloud Rhino product suite comprises:

  • Rhino Telecom Application Server™
  • Rhino Service Interaction Server™
  • Rhino Sentinel™
  • Rhino Visual Service Architect - and related developer tools

Rhino Telecom Application Server™

OpenCloud Rhino Telecom Application Server™ is the world-leading converged carrier-grade Telecom Application Server (TAS) for cost-effective, agile delivery of Java-based telecommunication services. Rhino Telecoms Application Server complies with both Java telecom application server standards – JAIN SLEE (JSLEE) and SIP Servlet. The Rhino TAS is the foundation product in the OpenCloud Rhino suite. [more]

Rhino Service Interaction Server™

Rhino Service Interaction Server™ is a fully Convergent Telecom Service Broker. Rhino SIS provides service composition and interaction capabilities for SS7 and IP networks. It provides a graphical user interface (GUI) to allow new telecoms services to be created by combining them together and inserting additional logic. [more]

Rhino Sentinel™

OpenCloud Rhino Sentinel is a suite of software applications that run on the OpenCloud Rhino TAS. Rhino Sentinel has been specifically designed to remove the restrictions and drive down the costs and timescales of telecom service innovation which have historically been associated with IN platforms.

Rhino Sentinel provides pre-built suites of applications to deliver classic GSM and VoLTE telecom services. These application suites are modular, built using Sentinel technology which enables end customers to modify, customise and extend them at will.

All Rhino Sentinel applications may be charged in real-time by an Online Charging System (OCS) or by Call Details Record (CDR) as required. [more]

Rhino Visual Service Architect and other tools

OpenCloud's mission is to enable independent development of telecoms applications and services. In addition to a free and open developer forum that contains a wealth of information, OpenCloud also provides an array developer tools including Rhino Visual Service Architect.

Rhino Visual Service Architect (VSA) enables developers to create and modify services visually - providing a simply and intuitive view of the whole application without needing to read thousands of lines of code - helping developers work more productively and with fewer errors. [more]

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