Telecom Application Server

Telecom Application Server

At the heart of the Rhino product suite is the real-time Telecom Application Server (TAS) which is designed and optimised for event driven (i.e. asynchronous) communication applications. Rhino TAS fully implements both Java application server standards (JSLEE and SIP Servlet) in a single, converged container. Rhino TAS supports, manages and executes portable, converged carrier grade services across Web, IP and SS7 networks.

OpenCloud Rhino is designed to address the four "must do" transformation challenges of the telecom service layer.

The Rhino Telecom Application Server is compliant with JSR 240: JAIN SLEE 1.1 and implements all features of the specification. Rhino also implements and is compliant with JSR 289: SIP Servlet 1.1. Rhino has been designed from first principles to support the requirements of the most demanding carrier grade solutions, regardless of the underlying network protocols.

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The Rhino Platform

Rhino Telecom Application Server Diagram Principal Elements of the Rhino Product Suite
  • Telecom Apps – Java-based classic and Telco2.0 JSLEE services may be developed quickly using OpenCloud's graphical service creation environment Rhino Visual Service Architect and/or Java and are deployed in the Rhino Telecom Application Server
  • Network Exposure – RESTful APIs of VAS enablers for integration with other IT systems and for creating hybrid IT/telecom services
  • Rhino JAIN SLEE and SIP Servlet Runtime Environment – A low-latency, high throughput execution environment for event and session-based services. Rhino provides an in-memory database for low-latency read/write access to data.
  • Resource Adaptor Architecture – An extensible plug-in architecture that provides for multiple network, protocol and enterprise technologies to be "plugged into" the platform.
  • Savanna Carrier-grade framework – this provides the “5 x 9”s capability of the platform, including service and platform fail-over, on-line upgrade, scalability and availability by clustering, distributed memory management, lock management etc.
  • Rhino Service Interaction Server – A Rhino product option that allows Service Compositions to be built from existing services using Rhino Visual Interaction Architect
  • Rhino Sentinel – A suite of Rhino applications that provide a range of real-time consumer telecom applications and that integrate with a separate Online Charging System (OCS). It also provides a range of charging off-load applications to filter out zero-priced traffic so that it does not need to be passed to the OCS.
  • Rhino Element Manager – A graphical management interface for managing all aspects of Rhino that easily integrates into an operators Network Management System

Supports IP and SS7 network protocols

Unlike many other technologies, OpenCloud Rhino provides an “in-call” application server environment for both SS7 and SIP-based networks.

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