About OpenCloud

Used by 60+ operators globally, OpenCloud’s open, extendable products transform the real-time communications service-layer to enable competitive and economically-sustainable evolution of IN, GSM, IMS and VoLTE services.

OpenCloud’s customers include multi-national groups (T-Mobile, Vodafone, for example), large operators (Telkomsel – Indonesia), independent operators (Free Mobile – France) and MVNOs (AinaCom – Finland), mobile, wireline and converged operators (BT).

Rhino, OpenCloud’s family of next-generation service layer products, is deployed within SS7 and All-IP networks to accelerate transitional and convergent network evolution and enable competitive differentiation. Unlike traditional communication network equipment, OpenCloud’s products are open for extension and development by its network operator customers and their freely selected developer partners so our customers have more control of the direction, speed and cost of their network and service evolution.

OpenCloud is privately held and VC-backed. Headquartered in Cambridge UK, OpenCloud also has offices in New Zealand, Spain, Singapore, Indonesia and Brazil.

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