Our Mission

To Deliver the #1 Service-layer for Competitive Advantage

Implementing change in a telecoms network is perceived to be an expensive and slow process.

The problem with most traditional telecoms equipment is that the function it performs can only be changed by the equipment vendor. If the network operator wants to do something new then they are dependent on the equipment vendors to make it happen. This dependency creates barriers to progress, and stifles innovation.

OpenCloud set out to change all that.

Microsoft doesn’t have a monopoly on creating applications for PCs. Apple doesn’t have a monopoly on authoring Apps for the iPhone. Instead, they have open platforms and tools that enable independent developers to experiment and create. And innovation happens.

So OpenCloud created Rhino, an in-network open software-based telecoms platform based on Java, and we built the development and test tools needed by developers. OpenCloud set about dismantling the barriers to progress set up by other vendors. We thought network operators would like that. And they do.

Today, more than 60 network operators around the world enjoy the benefits of OpenCloud Rhino.

Our customers’ own in-house development teams can solve network problems and create new communications services for themselves. Or they can choose to work with their preferred systems integrator, or pick specific skills and services from a healthy ecosystem of independent developers. All this gives operators access to more innovation and much more choice and control over the speed and cost of evolution

Success Stories

The open-nature of OpenCloud’s products gives us the freedom to evolve and enhance services ourselves.
Roger Curfs, IT project lead LTE, Vodafone Netherlands

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