OpenCloud opens VoLTE for third-party development

In a world-first, OpenCloud has packaged Clearwater IMS, OpenIMS HSS and OpenCloud Sentinel VoLTE TAS in a single, downloadable image

CAMBRIDGE, UK – 13th July 2016 – OpenCloud, the telecoms software innovator, has today launched a single VoLTE image – a downloadable software package for software engineers to develop Voice and Video over LTE services. The image comprises of the OpenCloud Sentinel VoLTE Telecom Application Server (TAS), Clearwater IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) from Metaswitch and the OpenIMS Home Subscriber Server (HSS).

The software package provides a fully-functioning, live environment to show how developers can rapidly create unique VoLTE services for operators’ business and consumer customers.

The OpenCloud VoLTE image is available as a VirtualBox Appliance – an open-source virtualization environment – and is freely accessible for developers and network operators to download. The image can be run on a desk computer, laptop or in the cloud. No LTE network is needed to develop VoLTE services as the image software is hosted on a single computer.

“Today, operators are unable to compete effectively with OTT providers and with each other by buying closed appliances from a small number of telecom vendors, all of which provide the same rigid, unchangeable functionality.  OpenCloud VoLTE changes things completely – operators and their partners can now make incremental changes to their services, launch and refine new services and drive a more dynamic market. The OpenCloud VoLTE image means developers can start developing, testing and using VoLTE services immediately,” said Phil Stubbs, CTO at OpenCloud.

The OpenCloud VoLTE Image also includes the Eclipse creation environment, for rapidly developing and deploying Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) VoLTE applications. Developers are able to test and use their VoLTE applications using the Linphone and Zoiper VoLTE softphones, which are also provided in the image.

The image features a video showing how to run the image and make standard VoLTE calls, and another video showing how to customise and extend OpenCloud Sentinel VoLTE to go beyond the vanilla IR.92 and IR.94 standard. It also provides a third video which walks through a worked example showing how you can extend standard VoLTE to integrate with Google Calendar so that in-bound calls are aware of your availability.

“OpenCloud has long believed in opening-up the telecoms network to third-party development and innovation.  This latest move takes things several steps further – providing developers with everything they need to innovate in Voice and Video over LTE,” Stubbs finished.

About OpenCloud VoLTE image

OpenCloud VoLTE image is available for download immediately through the OpenCloud Developer website. You can also access the OpenCloud Sentinel VoLTE ‘how to’ videos via OpenCloud’s YouTube channel.