Adaptive Signalling Solutions and Network Enablers

Enabling evolution and accelerating time-to-market.

Signalling is the essence of the network: it conveys the instructions and information between the multiple network elements, and it is these interactions that enable the network to deliver services.

OpenCloud Rhino supports a wide range of standard signalling protocols used in SS7 networks, SIP/IMS networks, online charging systems, IT systems and the internet. A number of proprietary signalling variants are also supported and further protocols and variants can be readily added.

“Time-to-market must be achieved without degradation in the user-experience. We selected OpenCloud Rhino to deliver proven carrier-grade solutions to enable this.” Roger Curfs, IT project lead LTE, Vodafone Netherlands

Through the signalling connections, applications on Rhino can interact with the whole network to solve network signalling challenges or to implement completely new network functions.

Rhino is designed to facilitate solution building – by our customers in-house teams, by their systems integrators, by trusted third-party developers with specifically relevant skills, by anyone. The capability and choice provided by using Rhino avoids the excessive cost and time of requesting a vendor to implement the solution on existing network equipment.

Solutions delivered include:

  • Protocol conversion and interworking
    »» Conversion between standards and proprietary (vendor or country specific) variants »» Interworking between different network generations
  • Convergence, service centralisation and continuity
    »» Creating a converged, access independent service layer »» Enabling service continuity between access domains »» Centralised multi-tenancy services
  • Subscriber register solutions
    »» SIP Registrar »» HLR Implementation »» HLR-HSS Synchronisation
  • Roaming solutions
    »» Implementing roaming partner selections (e.g. EU Roaming regulations) »» Automatic steering of roaming to preferred partners
  • Online charging solutions
    »» Charging system offload of zero-rated traffic »» Home-zone, office-zone (location-based) charging »» Pre-paid enabling post-paid services

… and more.

Service Innovation and Differentiation

Competition in real-time communication services is fierce, with the competitive field including over-the-top services as well as those from traditional telecoms operators.

Service innovation is essential to build and sustain competitive advantage for profitable growth: Read more about Our Solutions for Service Innovation and Differentiation

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