Independent Development for Competitive Advantage

The real benefit of open systems is that they enable a free-market of supply of development. Our customers can choose developers with the right skills, at the right price to fit the time-scale and budget for their project.

From the Resource Adaptors that provide connectivity to the pre-built telecoms applications of Rhino Sentinel, OpenCloud’s entire product range enables open, vendor-independent development and enhancement.

Using Rhino Products Diagram- OpenCloud

Developer Tools

OpenCloud provides an array of developer tools to enable our customers and any third-party they chose to solve challenges and create innovative new communication services.  These include:

  • Rhino Sentinel Create: for creating and extending Rhino Sentinel applications
  • Visual Service Architect: for developing applications for Rhino TAS

Rhino Developer Forum

In addition, a free and open developer forum contains a wealth of information about developing telecom applications for our products and using the development and testing tools. Developer training programmes are also available from OpenCloud.