The Power of Open

With traditional telecoms products, the product vendor has control of product roadmaps, development timescales and costs.  Dependency on a small group of vendors like this is a significant barrier to evolution and differentiation.

In contrast, the truly open nature of OpenCloud’s products gives our wireline, mobile and MVNO customers the freedom to innovate and differentiate how they want, when they want and with dramatically lower levels of investment to enable sustainable evolution.  Independently.

From the Resource Adaptors that provide network connectivity to the pre-built VoLTE applications of Rhino Sentinel, OpenCloud’s entire product range enables open, vendor-independent development and enhancement.

Open systems provide a competitive choice from a free-market of development options.

Whether it is in-house development teams, independent 3rd-parties, preferred systems integrator partners or some combination, OpenCloud’s customers can choose developers with the right skills, at the right price to fit the time-scale and budget for their projects.

The power of OpenCloud’s products together with the open freedom to innovate has led to an extensive range of service innovation and signalling solutions deployed by our customers within legacy SS7 networks, All-IP (VoLTE, IMS, SIP and VoIP) networks and, increasingly, in converging and transitional heterogeneous network environments.

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