Sentinel VoLTE

Sentinel VoLTE provides all the standard services and supporting functions required to deliver voice and video-calling over LTE.  Open extensibility facilitates differentiation beyond the standards.

MMTel - Multi-media Telephony Services

Rhino Sentinel VoLTE provides a suite of network-hosted MMTel applications to deliver the call and supplementary services required to deliver voice and video-calling over LTE and other IP-based access networks.

Sentinel MMTel delivers all supplementary services required for compliance with IR.92 and IR.94 voice and video-calling, plus a range of additional supplementary services from 3GPP Release 11 (for further details download the product datasheet).

Using Sentinel Create, the services delivered by Sentinel VoLTE are openly extensible to facilitate independent and agile service differentiation.

Service Centralisation and Continuity

Sentinel VoLTE includes a Service Centralisation and Continuity Application Server (SCC-AS) which:

  • Enables IMS Centralised Services (ICS). This provides home network-based Service Control for anchoring session control within the IMS, and Terminating Access Domain Selection (T-ADS) which selects which network and device to use to terminate the in-coming calls.
  • Enables IMS Service Continuity. Sentinel SCC provides enhanced Single Radio Voice Call Continuity to enable bi-directional transfer of voice and video calls between the IMS packet-switched and GSM circuit-switched networks, required when subscribers enter and leave areas of LTE coverage.

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