Rhino Sentinel is an Application Framework that enables agile development of telecom applications by network operators and their chosen partners.  The Sentinel family of products includes openly extensible service suites for GSM (IN) and VoLTE communications. These two suites provide core services “ready-to-use” so initial time-to-market is greatly reduced, but the real power of Sentinel come from the open design that enables rapid extension to take these services, and others, beyond the standard to deliver differentiation to your subscribers.

The Rhino Sentinel family includes:

The Rhino Sentinel family includes:

Rhino Sentinel VoLTE – which provides multi-media telephony (MMTel) call control and supplementary services for Voice over LTE. It also provides IMS service centralisation and continuity (SCC) functions for anchoring sessions in IMS, selecting the correct terminating domain (T-ADS) and call-continuity (eSRVCC) to enable call hand-over between different generations of mobile radio network.  [more]

Prepaid Services for GSM

Rhino Sentinel Express – a set of consumer-oriented GSM applications such as mobile originated/ terminated call, short messaging services (SMS) for message origination and delivery, supplementary services, such as call forwarding and black/white lists and more sophisticated services such as location-based charging for fixed-mobile substitution.

Support for Offline and Online Charging

The services provided by Sentinel VoLTE and Sentinel Express support both offline (CDR-based) billing and real-time online charging.

Rhino Sentinel Charge – provides the online charging interface for real-time charging triggers raised by Sentinel VoLTE and Sentinel Express. Sentinel Charge can also be used by other applications to enable online charging, and can interact with one or more online charging systems (OCS).

Service Differentiation

The services provided by Sentinel VoLTE and Express are open so that enhancements and innovation can be developed independently and delivered quickly.

Rhino Sentinel Create – is a service creation and test environment specifically designed for operators (or their preferred partners) to customise and extend the Sentinel Applications.  Sentinel Create allows new Sentinel Applications to be constructed from an extensible library of component parts and custom features to be added to new and existing Sentinel Applications.

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