Solutions for SS7 Networks

Reduce the cost of maintaining and enhancing mature networks

Migration of consumer and enterprise customers to new All-IP technologies will take some time.  The rate of migration will be determined by the penetration of new All-IP subscriber devices and even more so on the coverage of new All-IP access networks.  And even when the internal customer base has migrated, SS7 will still be required for interworking with other carriers and, for mobile networks, for supporting roamers.

Despite the maturing technology, SS7 networks and IN service-layers will continue to play vital roles and will continue to deliver substantial revenues for many years to come.

However, it’s not just a case of keeping the SS7 network going, it must also be kept current.  Customers, regulators and internal marketing, ops and other teams will all continue to require evolution.

For the network operator it’s a combination of rising costs and a shrinking timeframe for ROI:

  • As network equipment ages, costs rise. Difficulties maintaining equipment increase and implementing change becomes harder, particularly when it is End-Of-Life’d by the vendor.
  • Eventually the migration to All-IP will occur, and utilisation of the SS7 network will fade along with its associated revenue.

OpenCloud enables its customers to maintain and evolve the network service-layer whilst reducing the ongoing cost of ownership.

Transition, Convergence and All-IP Networks

The telecoms landscape comprises a multitude of networks of different types and generations, and more are emerging as LTE roll-out continues and Wi-Fi access and WebRTC come into consideration.